Let yourself be amazed by the unique flavours of Camponeschi

Roman cuisine is part of the story of my family, it is tied permanently to lunches and dinners where my grandparents gathered all of their children and grandchildren around the big table. While we were enjoying those deliciousness, cooked magnificently following the tradition, relationships grew stronger, building up the values of family that we preserve also nowadays. In Camponeschi we serve plates from the roman tradition directly to the table, it’s like if we add a special ingredient to the recipe: the warmth of those memories. If Tripe was on the table it was a big celebration for us. I still vividly remember that flavor, and it’s the same one that our chef Luciano has been able to reproduce and we offer to our clients among other delicacies, serving them right up copper pots. Another dish that has a sentimental value is the “scottadito” lamb ribs, that we were allowed to eat with our bear hands holding them right from the bone. An extraordinary taste that can’t be forgotten and that makes this dish one of the most loved at Camponeschi. When among family we also used to have fish. Especially stewed cod, that I added in my Menu and also, when outside was chilly, the ray fish stew prepared with the roman broccoli. Whenever my guests taste one of those dishes I have the
desire and the belief to transfer those feeling to them, and if possible to bring them back in time when they were surrounded by the warmth of their beloved.

However at Camponeschi it is possible also to enjoy some delicious sea food. Raw fish is one of our specialty. Trust our quality, all the seafood that we bring to your table is certified with all the HACCP regulations as well as the flash frozen protocols.

Enjoy it safely!

Even if the tale wants oyster to be consumed just in moths with the letter R in it, ours come from Brittany and are chosen among different manufacturers depending on the period of the year. They are not milky inside and therefore can be enjoyed even during the warmer months of the year.

Come experience our Sea deliciousness.

Weather is meat or seafood it does not make any difference, because a dish is way more than a combination of different ingredients.

Typical Roman dishes

Roman tradition is taken to his highest levels using artisanal products, directly from
countryside origins.

Seafood Specialty

Have a taste of fresh seafood every day, even raw dishes, in a special Renaissance’s frame in the very center of Rome.

Meat Specialty

Savour the most refined meat, prepared with special recipes and high quality products that glorify their smell and taste.

Culture for food

“Do you want to taste something really irresistible? One of the strengths of Camponeschi is the off-menu: many proposals to taste suggested based on the raw materials available that day and especially according to your tastes. From the combination of these elements, unique and special dishes come to life every evening. So make a wish, we will be ready to fulfill it.”