Entering Camponeschi you will be
surrounded by the history of Rome

A marvelous palace from the 5th century in Farnese square hosts our restaurant. Six different halls in Renaissance style looked after the architect Marina Camponeschi pay tribute, with their own names, to Rome and some of the families that made its greatness over the centuries.
Those same families that even nowadays are loyal customer of Camponeschi.
The Hall that is facing Farnese square is named after that same family, and it is followed by other halls that pay tribute to the family of Orsini, Ruspoli and Sforza.

There is also the Boncompagni Hall and Colonna, that celebrate those famous upper-society families, as well as the rest of an ancient column perfectly preserved that brings prestige to those halls. The hall that hosts the grand piano takes is name from the Borghese family and lastly the bar is named after Patrizi.

It is possible to book those different halls for business dinners, private party, breakfast or exclusive events. A smoking room is also available in which is possible to enjoy a good cigar while sipping a fine spirit.

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Farnese square

Interesting facts

“In Farnese square, apart from the palace, main character of the scene, there are other
interesting elements perhaps less known. Among all are the fountains, originally tanks from the thermal baths of Caracalla. At first glance they might look exactly the same but they differ in dimension and decoration, it’s easily noticeable they have been preserved in a different way. One of them, even if it has been maintained less during the years, still has the original manufacturing. We can also find some Aedicola, scattered throughout the all Capital, that are symbol of the strong belief in the Holy Mary among generations of romans. They are called “Madonnelle” and in Farnese square there are three of them, at the crossroads with the adjacent roads. Lastly, for the most careful eyes, it is possible to notice the Lily crest, signature of the Farnese family. On the facade of the palace it can be noticed quite easily as it has been enhanced by the many architect that collaborated on the project. Inside as well the crest can be found in the courtyard and in many chambers.”