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Restaurant Camponeschi is, and has been for the last thirty years, an evocating meeting place for international jet set as well as for his own Capital. Passion for culinary arts and the desire of sharing it is in Alessandro Camponeschi’s DNA, third generation of a family that has left heritage in the field of elite cuisine, fine winery and most important in discreet and refined hospitality.


The marvelous frame of Farnese square, a charming meeting place of the Capital, is where Camponeschi is located. The Halls, finely furnished with Renaissance style, are managed with elegance and courtesy. For over 30 years it represents a benchmark for fine restauration, with a unique location suited for both romantic and company dinners and, if requested, special events and business breakfast.

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Wine Bar

If you want to be surrounded by art with great candor, in an evocative place like Farnese square, in the very center of Rome, Camponeschi Wine Bar, with his own independent entrance from the restaurant, will be ready to welcome you for a special night of culture along with a fine aperitivo. With charming outdoor tables right on Farnese square, extremely kind staff, Franco to begin with, who will make you feel exactly like home.

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Our dishes

Unveil the specialty of Camponeschi Restaurant

Typical Roman dishes

Roman tradition is taken to his highest levels using artisanal products, directly from
countryside origins.

Seafood Specialty

Have a taste of fresh seafood every day, even raw dishes, in a special Renaissance’s frame in the very center of Rome.

Meat Specialty

Savour the most refined meat, prepared with special recipes and high quality products that glorify their smell and taste.