Seafood Specialty


Salad of roman rocket, tomatoes, anchovies of Sciacca, and scales of granaa

Mousse of avocado with shrimps and mustard

Red shrimps in carpaccio with emulsion of lime and pomegranade

Misto di gamberi soffiati e fiori di zucca farciti di pesce e moscardini

Oysters from Britain

Carpaccio of sea-bass with ‘caponatina’ of egg-plants and ginger

Lobster salad with mango, pineapple, lime and julienne of coconut

Browned scallops on a bed of mushrooms


First courses

“Risotto” with mushrooms and scallops

Spaghetti from Gragnano with lobster and tomatoes “cherries”

“Gnocchetti” of potatoes with sea-food and cheese pecorino aged

Soup of beans and pasta with mussels, Neapolitan style

“Spaghetti alla chitarra” with sea-bass and olives

Maltagliati pasta with “Pachino” tomatoes, shrimps and crispy rocket

“Linguine” with bottarga, zucchini and limoncino


Second Courses

Prawns flavoured with Curry of Madras and rice Basmati

Escalope of sea-bass with rosemary, potatoes and porcini mushrooms

Turbot-fish with dadolade of lime and capers

Bouillabaisse of reef-fishes

Sauté of clams and mussels, flavoured with Malvasia wine

Fillet of red-mullet with a light basil pesto sauce

Scorpion fish, Gournet, Sea-bass, Gilthead, Turbot-fish, (per 100 g.)

Lobster stuffed in a sauce of Carato wine

Scampi grilled / or gratin (per 100 g.)

Spider-crab with warm salad of celery, and citronette of lemon


Mid-course Dishes

Artichokes, Roman style

Seasonal vegetable /or mixed salad

Mixture of grilled / or boiled vegetables

Asparaguses “a la parmigiana”

Eggs of quail with seasonal truffle

Spinaches with pine-seeds and raisin of Corinth

Porcini mushrooms/Ovoli

Our desserts: a sweet goodbye!


Do you want to close with a treat that you will never find anywhere else? Then ask Costantino, one of the room managers, to prepare the espresso zabaglione for you. And under your incredulous eyes you will see a delight come to life.


For lovers of this dessert, our chef Luciano has imagined it in the classic version or presented in a cup of dark chocolate to be savored together with the dessert.

Chocolate souffle

For chocolate lovers, here is the soft soufflé with a warm heart that releases its soft and sweet interior as soon as it is engraved by the fork.

Tartin di Pere

A sweet that manages to amaze, enclosed in a crispy pastry and served with cream ice cream next to it, a balance that comes from contrasts: hot / cold, soft / crispy.
Absolutely to try.

And many other small frivolities of pastry.