Don’t seek for the stars, we give you the moon.

Camponeschi is an elegant and romantic restaurant in the center of Rome, as many believe one of the finest. It has been for the last thirty years, an evocating meeting place for international jet set as well as for his own Capital. Passion for good food and the desire of sharing it is in Alessandro Camponeschi’s DNA, third generation of a family that has left heritage in the field of elite cuisine, fine winery and most important in discreet and refined hospitality. A marvelous palace from the 5th century in Farnese square hosts our restaurant. Six different halls in Renaissance style looked after the architect Marina Camponeschi pay tribute, with their own names, to Rome and some of the families that made its greatness over the centuries. Those same families that even nowadays are loyal customer of Camponeschi; this makes our restaurant very popular among VIPs, it has become a milestone for his traditional but innovative cuisine as well as to experience the peculiar atmosphere of his location in the center of Rome.

Weather is a candlelight dinner or a dinner among friends or coworkers it doesn’t matter. The versatile style of Camponeschi’s Halls is able to offer a unique and distinctive touch with their outlook suitable for whatever exigence.

Camponeschi: the words that matter.

Words matter. There are some that can mark a path, a guideline to follow in order to manage your business at best. At Camponeschi we care especially about 4:

The first is Respect. Respect is indeed the fundamental requirement to build a solid
relationship. Is on the basis of respect that we engage every day with our customers.
Whatever we offer them is authentic: from our smiles to the dishes that we serve at their
table. Because we also pay lot of respect on the feedstock and their seasonal trend.

The second word is Quality. As the owner Alessandro Camponeschi loves to say: ”Quality is the only form of success that truly satisfy us” and he underlines :”My relationship with the restaurant is just like a love affair”. The common denominator of the dishes is the excellence of the raw materials, selected after a careful research among the years in the regional and national outlook, from both bio production and D.O.P . The difference can be seen, tasted and involves all of the 5 senses.

The third word is Elegance. An elegant palace from the 5th century hosts the restaurant and the wine bar. Our Halls in Renaissance style welcome our guests. Caring of every detail is one of our must. With Farnese square as background that fills us with beauty every evening. Although elegance it’s not just about esthetic, it can be found in our gentle manners that follows us whatever we do. Because as the famous Italian character Totò was saying :”You are born a Lord”.

The fourth is Tradition. It’s not possible to go forward without taking into account flavours of the past. In our Menu traditional Roman cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine are central, but we don’t lack international suggestions in the spirit of variety and creativity.

About Us

Every opinion for us is a reason for improvement
In one of the most beautiful places in Rome, Piazza Farnese, an elegant and hospitable place, thanks to the joviality of Alessandro, the landlord. The Roman tradition in its heyday, a solid, tasty, authentic cuisine. Going out with the desire already to return, for me it went like this.
Located in Piazza Farnese, a stone's throw from Campo dei Fiori. Elegant atmosphere, small welcome starters. Mussels, appetizer of fish, oysters and first course. Everything up to the name. Excellent service. High prices but in line with the history and refinement of the place.
We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, (21 people in all) in this extraordinary setting. A splendid venue, Alessandro has recommended and followed us with professionalism, reserving a room with an imperial table, set with care and elegance without ostentation. The perfect room service, discreet and attentive waiters; quality raw materials, care in presenting dishes. Beautiful evening.
This restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, Piazza Farnese. The owners pass on the family tradition in the high-end restaurant. The staff is competent and professional. Tasty and excellent quality dishes. I recommend you go all year, but in October you can taste a riot of white truffle. Excellent wine list and in spring eating outdoors in that location has no equal. In my opinion today is the best restaurant in Rome.

Farnese square

The Origins

“The history and breadth of the square begin in XVIth century, when Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, future Paul III, bought several houses on the square to demolish them and create an appropriate space palazzo which he had designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. The works began in 1514, were interrupted by the sack of Rome of 1527, and resumed after the election of the cardinal to the papal throne with the name of Paul III and, from 1546, under the direction of Michelangelo. The square was paved in 1545, with a brick as a sort of pertinence of the building, and there was placed for ornamental purposes, in axis with the entrance on the facade, one of the two Egyptian granite tanks present today. After Pope Paul V had led the Aqueducts in Rome to Trastevere and also, bypassing the Tiber, to the Rule, and Gregory XV had granted 40 ounces to the Farnese for the feeding of the fountains, the family acquired the fountain of Piazza San Marco and commissioned Girolamo Rainaldi, around 1626, to draw the two fountains in which the two pools were located. The fountains were purely ornamental, and surrounded by a gate. For the benefit of the people (and also of the animals), the fountain of the Mascherone was erected at the beginning of via Giulia.”