The Roman Tradition

Ham with roman artichokes

Tripe, roman style, with mint

“Rigatoni alla carbonara”(with egg and bacon)

Bucatini all’amatriciana (with tomato and bacon sauce)

Spaghetti alla gricia (with bacon and firm egg)

Saltimbocca (veal escalops) with sage and ham

Lamb’s chop

Salt cod stew with cherry-tomatoes, raisins and pine seeds

“Vignarola” of legumes and artichoke


Contorni/Piatti di mezzo

Carciofi alla romana

Verdure di stagione / o insalata mista

Composto di verdure alla griglia / o bollite

Asparagi alla parmigiana

Uova di quaglia con tartufo di stagione

Spinaci con uvetta e pinoli

Funghi porcini/ovoli

Our desserts: a sweet goodbye!


Do you want to close with a treat that you will never find anywhere else? Then ask Costantino, one of the room managers, to prepare the espresso zabaglione for you. And under your incredulous eyes you will see a delight come to life.


For lovers of this dessert, our chef Luciano has imagined it in the classic version or presented in a cup of dark chocolate to be savored together with the dessert.

Chocolate souffle

For chocolate lovers, here is the soft soufflé with a warm heart that releases its soft and sweet interior as soon as it is engraved by the fork.

Tartin di Pere

A sweet that manages to amaze, enclosed in a crispy pastry and served with cream ice cream next to it, a balance that comes from contrasts: hot / cold, soft / crispy.
Absolutely to try.

And many other small frivolities of pastry.